OctoberThe goblins are on the way as the leaves turn hues of autumn. This month we are focusing on themes of geography in all grade levels starting with kindergarten and moving up to eighth grade. It starts with self as part of a community and move from self-family-community-state-country-continents-hemispheres- and the World. Now don't let that scare you but the World is an awesome place. Therefore, we will be taking sometime to learn about current events in our World. Each week will focus on an event somewhere in the World whether it be our community or some place far away.
Middle school will focus on topics right here in the United States. The Brittanica Encyclopedia and how technology is changing a source of information that as been around for decades. They will read the article and take a short quiz.


Welcome Back to School2014- 2015

It is my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Dessalee Cook but please call me Mrs. Cook. This is my 9th year at the Academy of Waterford as a teacher. This year I will be teaching social studies to grades Kindergarten through 8th grade using a blended learning environment. In other words, we will be using face-to-face learning and the computer. It is important that you be ready to learn and participate at all times in this class to be successful. I believe in you and expect the best at all times. Please never hesitate to ask for help!

Have a great school year


Computer Lab Supply List: grades 4-8
  • One subject folder: 2 pocket
  • One subject journal or notebook: for note taking
  • Flashdrive or have parent create a gmail account for saving classroom work
  • Pencils: bring your own to class